When we started planning on where to go for Haley’s senior pictures, we wanted something different… And someone who had expertise and professionalism in photography, along with top notch skills…. We researched the internet and then got a grad announcement that was phenomenal from a senior who used Fancy That Photography. We immediately knew that we had found the BEST!! Her photography skills are evident in every single photograph we view on her website! However, I could never imagine how amazingly wonderful the experience itself would be!! I knew her work was perfection, but the experience FAR exceeded our expectations!!

I had dreaded the stress of trying to figure out what to wear, how to fix the hair and makeup, and basically just the anxiety of pulling everything together. With Fancy That Photography, all of that stress is removed. The whole experience was so much FUN! It was definitely an experience we will never forget!! And in a good way!! I wish that every senior could have the same experience… It was definitely worth the 4 hours travel time! Haley Zink, Sterling, CO


I've never seen such photography with such crisp and vibrant color to them. The stunning personality you get from every picture adds so much life to them! By far best I've seen ever! Great photography. You need to enter contests Gwen!! Theresa Chamberlain


- :)Oh Gwen! You simply have out done yourself again!  Once again, I have sat and cried over the magnificent job you have done with our daughters photos!! You truly do the most amazing work, and have such a talent for what you do!! These photos are magnificent! Thank you again sooooo much! God bless you for everything you do to capture such wonderful memories for all your clients!! Hats off to you! You truly are exceptional at what you do! :)  Thank you also Mr. Bradbury!! You make a great side kick for Gwen! LOL! 


Gwen is such a welcoming and fun woman. She made me feel as if I was a super model! I was very comfortable the entire session and was so pleased with how all of my pictures came out. Definitely recommend anyone to come to Gwen for pictures. Delaynee Decker


What a wonderful experience. I cannot express enough how happy we are with the final products. Highest quality, just amazing. Gwen is so sweet and easy to work with and you can tell she absolutely loves what she does! She put such a personal touch to every aspect of this experience. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Holly Guagliardo


Gwen is truly an amazing talent. What she does with a camera is nothing short of magical. She did senior pictures for both of my kids and the results were incredible. Listen to her advice with makeup, clothing, hair, and backgrounds. Her experience enables her to capture even the smallest details that bring out the true personality of your loved ones. Shane Roberts


Gwen does an AMAZING job. I highly recommend getting any pictures taken with her. She makes sure your sessions are personalized to fit you, and puts in so much time and effort to make everything perfect. Love her!!! Juliana Bufmack


- You are both AWESOME people, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You are amazing :) ~ Caryl


- Gwen, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the amazing gift that you have given our family through your photographs.  I am continually amazed by the beauty of each of the photos.  Coming into the session with two very cranky children; I will be honest by saying I was not expecting the best results.  Well, you showed me that you have both a talent for photography, and a wonderful rapport with kids.  I was literally stunned to see how you managed to capture some of the most amazing shots in between their melt downs!!!  You caught the kids in their truest form, and gave us memories to hold onto for a lifetime.  After seeing the photos hundreds of times, they still bring tears to my eyes.  Stunning!!! We look forward to having more precious moments captured by Fancy That Photography in the future. With love, ~  Stacee K.

- I would definitely recommend Gwen (Fancy That Photography) to anyone looking to have professional pictures taken.  The time and effort that she puts into it, from the time you sit down to set up the appointment, to the actual day of the pictures, makes you realize that she loves what she does.  We never once felt rushed or got the feeling that we were just a number and the pictures show her professionalism and the total focus she has on her subject.  The thing I appreciated the most, was the fact that I never felt pressured to purchase a certain package or amount of pictures.  Gwen was very helpful and attentive from the first appointment to the last. ~ Allison M

- Working with Fancy That Photography was an enjoyable experience.  Our photo sessions were  tailored to meet our needs and showcased the individual personality and character that we wished to portray.  The quality of the photos is outstanding!  My only problem was that there were TOO many good photos to select from!!!  Thanks Gwen! ~ Lisa P

- You are an amazing photographer!!  I love all of your work- its incredible! ~ Rhonda G

- Gwen made the entire experience a wonderful one! She was able to capture David's personality and get the photos that brought tears to my eyes! Everyone who has looked at David's photos has said only good things...she truly works hard and enjoys providing this service! I also appreciated her flexibility with the weather, baseball schedules, etc. I would recommend Gwen as a photographer for any occasion. ~ Kim H

- Mr. and Mrs. Bradbury did an amazing job making me feel comfortable with taking pictures, and the end result was absolutely beautiful! ~ Sharese H

- Gwen I couldn't be more pleased!! They are simply beautiful!! I have sat here and cried tears of joy and awe over these photos!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH AN AMAZINGLY AWESOME JOB!! I don't know as I will be able to choose!! Thank you again so much!!! You have an amazing gift at capturing wonderful photos!!! Words just can't describe what I am feeling right now!! Thank you again!! Will talk to you soon! :-) I love them all!!! ~ Caryl D

- Wow! What a gift you have! I am so grateful! We will will be in touch soon! Thank you is just not enough to express my gratitude for these beautiful pictures! You have captured my son in photo! Amazing! ~ Meg

- Really Gwen.  Absolutely beautiful!  It made me teary when I started flipping through them.  Beautiful work. In addition to Gwen's creative eye, the depth and richness in the colors of these photographs is impressive.  It is truly art, not just a senior portrait.  Gwen went out of her way to create product that was not only of high quality but also packaged in fun and wrapped in care and consideration.  Thank you. ~ Maria F

- I absolutely LOVE the portraits that are ours forever! I am undoubtedly happy that we went to Fancy That Photography. We just couldn't have hoped for anything better. Thank you, Gwen!!!! ~ J. Sabatino

- Fancy That Photography was a pleasure to work with from the initial contact to the acquiring of our family treasures.  Gwen helped us meet time constraints and overcome other obstacles with nothing less than superb photographs.  The collection of our genuinely smiling photos had us smiling along as we viewed all our fantastic options.  We are so thankful we chose this quality studio to visually record our life event. A heartfelt Thank You to Fancy That Photography for making our experience exceptional! ~ Donna B

- Gwen Bradbury is an amazing photographer! She really knows what she is looking for in the picture and spends every last minute making them look perfect! Thank you so much Gwen! ~ Maya B

- Your creativity was excellent and the time you took to make sure everything was up to our expectation was wonderful. ~ Kim B.